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Acer palmatum

Winter Flame








What many people know as the "coral bark" maple is
'Sango kaku', an introduction from Ireland in 1920. It
has become extremely popular because its bark, turning
bright coral red in winter, gives the tree year-round interest.
However, because 'Sango kaku' is a big tree by Japanese
maple standards (30'), a smaller version of this tree has been
sought-after. There are now several dwarf cultivars, including
'Fjellheim' and this one, 'Winter Flame'. It's a 6-10' tree that
has bark that may be even a little redder than 'Sango Kaku',
more like the similar cultivar 'Beni kawa'. Developed in New
Zealand, It is an attractive but not spectacular tree in summer,
with standard green palmate leaves and some orange-red in the
bark. In fall, it becomes much showier, with mostly yellow
coloration, but with plenty of crimson and orange thrown in.
As the leaves fall and the temperatures drop, the characteristic
bark comes into its own. Bound to please those who have
longed for a coral bark, but who have a small space.

These trees are currently 15-18 in. tall
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