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Threadleaf, bamboo-leaf, or
linearilobum cultivars

As their varioius nicknames suggest, cultivars of this type have extremely narrow leaf lobes that are dissected to the leaf base, that is, linear lobes. These lobes are without serrations, distinguishing them from the laceleaf type. The Japanese names for these cultivars tend to include words for bamboo, rice, and strings or threads.

Another distinguishing feature is that these cultivars are not mushroom-shaped, but generally upright, though often spreading. They are actually smaller trees, on average, than laceleafs, once both are fully grown. This makes them excellent for small gardens or containers. They are also very "oriental"- looking, due to their resemblance to bamboo. These cultivars, alone among Japanese maple types, have not been found in the wild. Either they were mutations from cultivated sources or else their ancestors were very rare.

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Aoyagi gawa
Beni Otake
Koto ito komachi
Koto no ito
Red Pygmy
Red Willow
The following threadleafs are not currently available, but may become available next spring, or later in the year, or never.
  Ao shime no uchi SOLD OUT
  Beni ubi gohan SOLD OUT
  Enkan SOLD OUT
  Filifera Purpurea SOLD OUT
  Scolopendrifolium SOLD OUT
  Villa Taranto SOLD OUT
  Red Cloud SOLD OUT
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