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Shishi gashira



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After 125 years in cultivation, the famous Lion's Head Maple (shi shi GA shi ra) is still acknowledged as one of the best and most unique Japanese maple cultivars. It is a compact, slow-growing shrub, usually to around 12', though taller trees are possible with good cultivation. By 'compact', we mean that the leaves are closely packed on the twigs, and the twigs closely-packed on the branches. This leads to a tufted look when the tree is young: clusters of leaves alternating with leafless areas of branch, which fill in with age. The leaves themselves are small, deep green, and crinkled, thickly textured. No wimpy sunburning here. The transition to fall color is like caterpillar to butterfly, with the deep reds and oranges completely changing the visual effect. This is a good tree for the landscape, container, or bonsai. The name is a refererence to a mythical Japanese lion.

These trees are currently 18 in. to 2 ft. tall. Price includes shipping: $35 to the Northwest, $45 elsewhere.

Read about maple hardiness and care.

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