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Japanese Maples

WorldPlants.com is in semi-retirement mode.
We're no longer grafting, but will continue to sell
our existing and purchased inventory.
Numbers of all cultivars are quite limited.

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Dissectum or Laceleaf types, mostly with a weeping/mounding, shrublike habit, to perhaps
5' in10-15 years.



Burgundy Lace

Inaba shidare









Linearilobum or bamboo-leaf types, semidwarfs, upright to 6-12', with narrow,
spidery, but not lacy, leaves.

Beni otake






Dwarf types may be laterally spreading,
ball-forming, or dense, slow-growing
uprights to 3-10'.





Little Gem

Otome zakura

Pacific Sprite



Semi-Dwarfs are usually 15-20' tall in 10-15 years, with broad, palmate or deeply cut leaves.

Beni komachi


Burgundy Lace


Green Star

Mizuho beni

Shish gashira



Tsukasa Silhouette

Tsuma gaki

Full Size
are larger maples, growing 18-30', these are
still not tall trees by most standards, but may be
as wide as tall.


Beni kawa

Sango kaku







Variegates have multicolored leaves and
are usually in the semi-dwarf size range.

Aka shigitatsu sawa

Kagiri nishiki





Here's an introduction to Japanese maples.

If we don't have the cultivar you're looking for, use our Cultivar Finder.

Our thanks to Eric and Alan at the Don Schmidt wholesale nursery
of Boring, Oregon, for the many Japanese maple photos.