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Acer japonicum 'Aconitifolium'

Fern Leaf


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Most descriptions say this is a 10' tree, but may get a bit larger, given enough time. It's low-branched, though, so it does seem to hug the ground, and doesn't grow too fast, but has a sturdy frame. The large, very deeply cut, fernlike leaves are unusual for a japonicum. They are medium green in summer. In fall, they display pretty much all possible maple fall colors: orange, yellow,and red, to wonderful effect. The red samaras (winged seeds) are held prettily above the foliage. Though the cultivar name listed is officially correct, this tree goes by the name "maiku jaku' in Japan, meaning 'Dancing Peacock'. Both these names are sometimes seen on specimens in this country, along with 'Fernleaf', 'Oregon Fern', and 'Full Moon.' It should not be confused with the very different Golden Full Moon.

These trees are currently 10-12 in. tall.
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